Checking the Printer Settings

You can check the printer status, network settings, and so on by printing Configuration Page or Network Status Print.
Configuration Page or Network Status Print is designed to be printed on Letter size paper. Be sure to use Letter size paper.
You can also check the network settings and so on using the following software.
Load Letter size paper in the multi-purpose tray or paper drawer.
Make sure that the printer is online (the Online indicator is on).
If the Online indicator is off, press [  ] (Online).
Press [  ] (Utility).
Select [Configuration Page] or [Network Status Print] using [  ] or [  ], and then press [OK]. 
[Configuration Page]
Prints the list of currently available functions for the printer and setting values of the menus, and so on.
[Network Status Print] 
Prints the TCP/IP settings including the IP address and information including security settings.
Select [Yes] using [  ], and then press [OK] to print Status Print.