Paper Jams

Before removing jammed paper, see "Attention (Paper Jams)."
When a paper jam occurs, the printer beeps, displaying the message <Paper is jammed.> in the display.
This section describes the procedure for when [Animated Instruction] is set to [On] (default setting).
If [Animated Instruction] is set to [Off], the above screen is not displayed.
Messages appear one at a time. Confirm all of them.
As the messages disappear when the cover is open, take a note of them if required.
Remove the jammed paper according to the displayed message.
Paper Jam Area
Clearance Procedure
(1) Multi-purpose tray
<MP Tray area>
(2) Drawer 1
<Drawer 1 area>
(3) Drawer 2 (Only when the paper feeder is installed)
<Drawer 2 area>
(4) Duplex print transport area
<2-Sided Delivery Area>
(5) Inside the output area
<back cover area/Output area>
(6) Inside the front cover
<Front cover>