[Edit Watermark] Dialog Box

Enables you to create watermarks with the desired wording. You can adjust the size, color, and position of watermarks.
Descriptions under [Page Setup] Tab (Settings)
Procedure for Watermark Printing

Descriptions of Settings

[Watermark List]
Displays registered watermarks as a list. When you select a watermark, a preview is displayed to the left.
Watermarks with a red dot () next to them are pre-registered watermarks and cannot be edited or deleted.
Up to 50 user-registered watermarks can be registered.
When you click this button, a new watermark is added to [Watermark List] as [Untitled]. You can set the name of the watermark in [Name] and its settings in the [Attributes], [Alignment], and [Print Style] tabs.
Selecting a watermark and clicking this button deletes the watermark.
Displays the name of the watermark selected in [Watermark List]. When a new watermark is added, enter the name of the watermark here. You can edit the names of user-registered watermarks.
[Attributes] Tab
Enables you to configure settings relating to the text in a watermark. Enter the character string to be printed as the watermark in [Text].
If you are using a black-and-white printer, the color you selected for [Color] is printed in grayscale.
[Alignment] Tab
[Position] enables you to specify the position of the watermark as coordinates relative to the center (0) of the document. [Tilt] enables you to set the angle of the watermark.
[Print Style] Tab
[Watermark Border] enables you to set whether a frame is printed around the text. [Watermark Position] enables you to set the overlap position with respect to the print data. When you select [Print on First Page Only], the watermark is printed on only the first page.