Combining Multiple Files

You can combine multiple files into one for printing. You can also do the following:
Combine data created with different applications into one file for printing
Change the print settings
Delete unnecessary pages
Preview the print data for confirmation
Display the [Basic Settings], [Page Setup], [Finishing], [Paper Source], or [Quality] tab.
Select [Output Method] → [Edit and Preview] → click [OK].
You can set the output method after Edit and Preview by clicking [Details].
Click [OK] in the printer driver screen.
Click the print button in the application.
Repeat steps 1 to 4 for each file you want to print in combination.
Select the files you want to print in combination from the list in the [Canon PageComposer] dialog box → click [] (Combine Documents).
If you want to change the print settings, select the [Print Settings] tab → configure the settings → click [Combine].
If you want to see a print preview, click [Print Preview].
Click [File] → [Print] from the menu bar or click [] (Print).
To execute proof printing: Select a file → click [File] → [Print Sample] from the menu bar or click [] (Print Sample)
Printing starts.


You cannot combine the following jobs:
Jobs with different [Resolution] settings
Jobs with different [Graphics Mode] settings
Jobs with different [Always Rasterize at Host] settings
Jobs with different [Rendering Rate] settings
For details about Canon PageComposer, refer to the help displayed from the [Help] menu bar.