[Profile] Tab (Settings)

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How to display the [Profile] tab:

Description of Settings

[Profile List]
Displays a list of pre-registered profiles and profiles added in the [Profile] tab.
Profiles with a red dot () next to them are pre-registered profiles and cannot be edited or deleted.
Profiles added from the [Page Setup], [Finishing], [Paper Source], and [Quality] tabs are not displayed.
[View Settings]
Click a tab to display a list of settings.
[Name], [Comment]
Displays the name and comment of the profile selected in [Profile List].
Enables you to add a new profile in the [Add/Edit Profile] Dialog Box.
Enables you to edit the settings of a user-registered profile in the [Add/Edit Profile] Dialog Box.
Deletes the profile selected in [Profile List].
Imports a profile that has been stored as a "*.cfg" file and adds it to [Profile List].
Exports the profile selected in [Profile List] and saves it as a "*.cfg" file.
[Define Document Property]
Allows settings in the print settings screen of the printer driver. This is a useful function if you want to restrict usage of the print settings in client computers in a shared printer environment. If you deselect the following settings at the server, the settings of all client computers are fixed at those configured at the server.
[Allow Profile Selection]
Enables you to select profiles in the [Basic Settings], [Page Setup], [Finishing], [Paper Source], and [Quality] tabs.
[Allow Setting Edition]
This setting can be selected when [Allow Profile Selection] is selected. It enables you to configure print settings other than selecting profiles in the [Basic Settings], [Page Setup], [Finishing], [Paper Source], and [Quality] tabs.
Displays the version of the printer driver.