Cannot Get the Printer Status or Use the Department ID Management Function or User Authentication

If you cannot get information from the device such as the device status or calibration information when you click [Get Device Status], or your department ID or PIN/password is not recognized, check the following.
Is the printer operating properly?
Check the status of the printer.
Is the printer ON?
Are the cables plugged in properly?
Are the correct settings made for your connection environment?
For a shared printer in a print server environment:
Canon Driver Information Assist Service is necessary. Use the installer for the driver to install Canon Driver Information Assist Service in the server computer. Also, TCP/IP must be installed as a protocol in your environment. If TCP/IP is not installed, install it from the CD-ROM for the operating system you are using.
For a local printer (connected to a USB port, etc.):
In this environment, you cannot use this function. You must use another connection environment (such as network connection, etc.).
When using a port connection environment in which you cannot use this function:
You cannot use this function with the following port connection environments:
An environment in which computers are directly connecting to the printer using SMB.
An environment in which [Enable printer pooling] is selected in the [Ports] tab of the [Properties] dialog box.
An environment in which computers are connected to the printer using Web Services on Devices (WSD) ports.
Is the name of the printer too long?
Confirm that the name of the printer is not longer than the following values. If it is, this function will not operate properly.
Name to share the printer with: 260 characters or less.
Printer name: 209 characters or less.