[Custom Paper Size Settings] Dialog Box

Enables you to register non-standard size paper for printing.
Descriptions under [Page Setup] Tab (Settings)
Procedure for Using Custom Paper

Descriptions of Settings

[Paper List]
Displays registered paper sizes as a list.
Paper sizes with a red dot () next to them are standard paper sizes and cannot be edited or deleted.
[Custom [Name Fixed]] is used temporarily as the custom paper size you specified in the application.
Selecting a custom paper size and clicking this button deletes the paper size.
[Name of Custom Paper Size]
When you register a new custom paper size, enter the name here. When you want to edit the name of a registered custom paper size, select the paper size from [Paper List] and edit the name.
[Custom Paper Size]
Enables you to set the name and size for a new custom paper.
[Regional Paper Size]
Enables you to select a regional paper size to use.
[Unit] and [Paper Size]
Set the dimensions of the custom paper size so that [Height] is greater than or equal to [Width]. Click [Register] to register the custom paper size.
Registered custom paper sizes can be used with all printers installed on the computer you are using.