[Poster Details] Dialog Box

Enables you to configure detailed settings if you have selected [Page Layout] - [Poster [1 x 2]] or [Poster [N x N]] (N = 2, 3, or 4).
Descriptions under [Page Setup] Tab (Settings)
Procedure for Poster Printing

Descriptions of Settings

[Print Margin Borders]
Select this when printing border lines.
[Set Margins for Cutting/Pasting]
Select this if you are printing with a cutout or margin portion, and specify [Margin Width].
If you want to print with marks indicating the cutout/margin section(s), select [Print Marks for Alignment].
[Pages to Print]
Specify the page(s) to print when printing a poster.
[All Pages]
Performs poster printing of all pages.
[Specify Pages]
Performs poster printing of specified pages only.