Quality - Color Adjustment

You can switch between color printing and black-and-white printing. You can also adjust colors.


lpr <file path>
-o CNColorMode={Auto | color [-o CNColorHalftone={None | Resolution | Gradation | ColorTone}] | mono [-o CNHalftone={None | Resolution | Gradation | ColorTone}]}
-o CNObjectPrioritizeProcessing={Images | Graphics | Text}
-o CNNumberOfColors={FullColor | TwoColors -o CNColorToUseWithBlack={Red | Green | Blue | Yellow | Magenta | Cyan}}
-o CNMonitorProfile={sRGBv1.20(Canon) | sRGBv3.0(Canon) | HDTVgamma1.5 | HDTVgamma1.8 | HDTVgamma2.1 | HDTVgamma2.4} 
-o CNMatchingMethod={None | Saturation | Monitor | Photographic | Colorimetric | Vividphoto | CustomColor_1}
-o CNHighBlackDensity={None | On | Off}


Specifies whether to print in color or in black-and-white.
CNColorHalftone / CNHalftone
Enables you to specify methods for representing halftones (areas between dark areas and light areas).
Resolution: Gives priority to resolution and prints contours smoothly.
Gradation: Gives priority to gradation and prints gradations smoothly.
ColorTone: Gives priority to gradation more than Gradation.
When the print data conversion method is set to raster mode, set the subject to be prioritized when processing. You can select images, graphics, or text.
Specifies whether to print in full color or in two colors.
If you specify TwoColors, use the CNColorToUseWithBlack option to specify the color to combine with black.
Specifies the profile that matches your monitor when you want to adjust the colors.
Specifies the element to prioritize matching of.
To use a special red to print vivid rec colors, specify CustomColor_1.
Specifies whether to increase the density of black colors.


To print the file "sample.txt" with the following setting:
Number of Colors: Two Colors
Color to Use with Black: Red
$ lpr sample.txt -o CNNumberOfColors=TwoColors -o CNColorToUseWithBlack=Red