Main Restrictions

The main restrictions when using this driver are as follows.

Usage Restrictions Based on CUPS Operation Settings

When you use CUPS system to print data, the following restrictions apply:
When you print an image file directly with the lpr command of CUPS, the image may be divided and printed across several sheet of paper. If this happens, adjust the size of the image.

Exemptions from Operation and Program Warranties

The warranties do not guarantee operations for procedures and methods described in the operations guide.
Canon, Inc. ("Canon") and any local Canon company or sole distributor ("local Canon company") disclaims all liability arising out of the application of operation methods and procedures described in the operations guide, even if any of the following occurs:
If an error caused by an applicable operation or procedure is recognized in a program installed in your system or in the system
If a malfunction is recognized in the operation of your printer (it is acknowledged that your printer does not operate normally)
If you are not satisfied with the print operation or results (appearance, quality, etc.)