[Quality] Sheet

You can adjust the color, toner, and print processing method.
Select the print resolution.
[Color Mode]
Switches between printing in color or in black-and-white.
Select [Auto Detect] to automatically determine whether each page is color or grayscale and switch the color mode accordingly.
[Number of Colors]
Switches between printing in full color or in two colors.
[Color to Use with Black]
If you select [Two Colors] from [Number of Colors], specify the color to combine with black.
The achromatic areas of the data are printed in grayscale and the chromatic areas are printed in the specified color.
[Color Halftones]/[B & W Halftones]/[Halftones]
Enables you to specify methods for representing halftones (areas between dark areas and light areas).
[Toner Density]
Adjusts the toner density.
[Prioritize for Processing When in Raster Mode]
When the print data conversion method is set to raster mode, set the subject to be prioritized when processing. You can select images, graphics, or text.
[Toner Save]/[Draft Mode]
Thins out the print data to save toner.
[Ink Saving]
Thins out the print data to save ink.
[Line Control]
Improves reproduction of text and lines.
Select [Resolution Priority] to give priority to the resolution. Select [Gradation Priority] to give priority to the reproduction of gradations.
[Toner Volume Adjustment]
Adjusts the amount of toner to match the content of the print data.
For data that contains many graphics or computer graphics using gradations, select [Gradation Priority]. For data that contains mainly text, select [Text Priority].
[Image Refinement]
Smooths the contours of text, lines, and images.
[Line Refinement]
Corrects thin lines to clearly print small characters and barcodes.
[Advanced Smoothing]
Smooths the contours of text, lines, and images. [Smooth 2] performs a stronger smoothing process than [Smooth 1].
[Sharpness]/[Sharpness (Photo)]
Strengthens and blurs the contours of text and images.
[Image Compression Optimization]
Optimizes switching between lossy and lossless compression according to the content of the data.
[Width Adjustment]
Enhances the width of text and lines.
[Adjust Toner Volume Used for Color Printing]
Reduces the toner volume to prevent too much toner from being applied.
Select [Level 1] to reduce the toner volume for areas with high color density. Select [Level 2] to reduce the overall toner density.
[High Black Density]
Specifies whether to increase the density of black colors.
[Profile Settings] [Profile Settings] Dialog Box
Enables you to set the profile when you want to adjust the colors.
Select the profile suitable for the monitor you are using from [Source Profile].
Select the element to prioritize matching of from [Matching Method].