Installing Using the Installer

You can use the installer to install a new driver.
You can also update a driver that is already installed using this procedure. Confirm the registered printer information in advance, as it is necessary to register the printer again after the update.
When using the installer, it is recommended that you use one of the following distributions.
Ubuntu/Fedora/CentOS 7.3 or later/Debian 8.6 or later 


System Requirements
Cautions for Installation
The computer to install the driver to is connected to the internet
The installer has been prepared
Download the latest version of the driver from the Canon website (
Extract the downloaded driver to the computer.


Start the installer using a command from the terminal.
An example in which the current directory is the directory where is stored is presented below.
Using the sudo command
$ sudo ./
Using the su command
$ su
# ./
If a message confirming whether you want to proceed with the installation is displayed, check the message and enter [Y] if you wish to proceed.
If [Installation is complete. Do you want to register the printer now?] is displayed, decide whether to proceed with printer registration.
Enter [Y] to proceed with printer registration. The utility (Canon Printer Setup Utility) is displayed.
If you do not want to register a printer, enter [N] to close the installer.
If the installation process cannot be performed correctly, see the limitations related to installation etc. in the Readme file.

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