Control Panel

The control panel consists of the touch panel display, physical keys for various operations, numeric keys, and indicators.

Touch Panel Display

Displays the menu screen for each function and the System Monitor screen.
Viewing and Canceling Jobs
Checking the Machine Status
Press [System Monitor] to view the job status or cancel jobs. You can also check the machine status such as the amount of remaining paper.

Display Contrast dial

Turn to adjust the brightness of the touch panel display.

COPY key

Press to switch to the top screen of the Copy function.

SEND key

Press to switch to the top screen of the Send and Fax functions.


Press to use functions such as Remote Scan, Media Print, Secure Printing, etc.

Control panel power switch (Sub power supply)

Press to clear or enter the Sleep mode.
If no messages or menu are displayed on the touch panel display with the Main Power Indicator lighting up, the machine is in the Sleep mode.

Additional Functions key

Press to access the Additional Functions menu.

Volume Control key

Press to display the screen for the machine’s audible tone settings.

Counter Check key

Press to display the Counter Check screen.

Stop key

Press to stop a job in progress such as copying and scanning.

Start key

Press to start an operation such as copying and scanning.

Main Power indicator

Lights up green when the main power is turned ON.

Error indicator

Flashes or lights up red if an error occurs in the machine.

Processing/Data indicator

Flashes or lights up green when the machine is performing operations.

Clear key

Press to clear entered numbers or characters.

ID (Log In/Out) key

Press to log in to/out of the machine, such as when it is managed with Department ID/User ID Management.

-Numeric keys

Press to enter numbers.

Reset key

Press to cancel the specified settings and return to the top screen.