Operating the Machine from a Computer (Remote UI)

This section describes the basic operation procedure for accessing the machine from a computer by using the Remote UI.

What is the Remote UI?

The Remote UI (Remote User Interface) is software built into the machine that enables users to access machine functions and settings from a web browser on a computer. Some examples of what you can do on the Remote UI include:
Checking the machine status such as paper or toner amount
Checking the job status
Registering or editing the addresses.*
* The Address Book can be protected by a password.
If you log in to the Remote UI as the System Manager, you can use further functions such as setting Department ID/User Management and customizing the various machine settings.

Accessing the Remote UI

Start Your Web Browser
Start your web browser → enter the IP address* of the machine into the Web browser on your computer to access the Remote UI → press [ENTER] key on your computer keyboard.
* The IP address in the screen shots in this section is for illustrative purposes only. Ask your network administrator for the IP address of your machine.
Log in to the Remote UI
On the Remote UI top page displayed in step 1, enter your Department ID or User ID and password* → click [OK].
After successfully logging in, the Device Status page is displayed. Go to other pages as necessary by using the menu on the left side of the page.
* The ID and password you have to enter when logging in depend on the Remote UI setting. Ask your system administrator for your ID and password.