Viewing the Machine Status and Information

When you successfully log in to the Remote UI, the Device Status page in the [Device] menu is displayed. From the [Device] menu, you can view the current status of the machine, information about the consumables such as paper, and other information about the machine.
Click [Device] → click the hyperlink to the page you want to display in the [Device] menu.
The information page you selected is displayed.
The pages in the [Device] menu are as follows:
Device Status page:
Displays the machine status such as available memory, availability of consumables, and error information if any. To check the details of the error, click [Error Information].
Device Information page:
Displays the information about the machine, such as the system manager’s information and the location where the machine is installed.
Device Features page:
Displays the information about the machine, such as the maximum print speed, the total RAM size, and the number of the drawers attached to the machine.
Network Settings
Displays the information about the machine’s network settings.
Counter Check page:
Displays page counts such as the total counts and copy counts. The number and types of counters displayed may vary depending on the machine configuration.