Sending with a Subaddress

If the destination fax machine is compatible with ITU-T (International Telecommunications Union-Telecommunications Sector) standard subaddresses and passwords, you can send or receive documents with increased security by attaching a subaddress and a password to all of your fax transactions.
Press [Fax].
Enter the fax number → press [Subaddress].
If you have added additional lines, press [Set Details].
For instructions on performing this operation from the Fax screen, see "Fax Basic Features Screen."
You cannot insert a pause at the beginning of a number.
If you enter a pause at the end of the number, the pause is always 10 seconds long.
You can use multiple lines in the following cases:
If the Super G3 2nd Line Fax Board is installed in addition to installing the Super G3 FAX Board, or the Super G3 3rd/4th Line Fax Board is installed in addition to installing the Super G3 2nd Line Fax Board and Super G3 FAX Board
If [No. of TX Lines] is set to two lines in [Remote Fax TX Settings] when using the Fax function with the Remote Fax Kit (See "Remote Fax TX Settings.")
Press [Subaddress] or [Password].
Enter the subaddress and password using - (numeric keys), , and .
Press [OK].