Overview of This Function

Web Access is a function that enables you to browse Web pages using the touch panel display of this machine. When you press [Web Access], the following screen appears. This screen is called the Web Access screen. By entering a URL, you can browse various Web pages. Note that the Web pages displayed on the Web Access screenshots in this category are all samples.
The following buttons are displayed in the toolbar of the Web Access screen.
Key Name
[Open New Window]
Press to open a new window.
[Close Window]
Press to close the window currently displayed.
Press to go back to the Web page that was previously displayed.
Press to proceed to the Web page that was displayed immediately after the current one.
Press to refresh the displayed Web page.
Press to register Web pages in Favorites or Quick Menu, and to display the Favorites list. (See "Using Favorites.")
[URL Entry Log]
Press to display up to 10 URLs that were entered last.

TLS Supported

When you display HTTPS content, the TLS Supported icon appears. It does not appear for HTTP content.
The icon appears even if the HTTPS and HTTP contents are mixed.

Multi-Window Function

By using [Open New Window], you can open up to three windows. If you display two or more windows using [Open New Window], tabs are automatically displayed. You can switch windows using the tabs that appear at the top of the toolbar.
If you open a new window using [Open New Window], the new window appears on top. The new window displays the same URL as the window that was opened when the Open New Window key was pressed.
If a URL without a title is displayed, 'No Title' is displayed in the tab.
Only Administrator can specify Web Access settings. See "Customizing Settings."