Basic Copy Operations

Place the document(s). Placing Documents
Press  and tap <Copy>.
Enter the number of copies using the numeric keys.
Enter a quantity from 1 to 99.
Press  to cancel the entered quantity.
Specify the copy settings as necessary.
Select the settings.Various Copy Settings
Press .
Copying starts.
If you want to cancel copying, tap <Cancel>  <Yes>. Canceling Copies
When placing documents in the feeder in step 1
The document is automatically scanned.
When placing documents on the platen glass in step 1
When the <Paper Size & Settings Mismatch> message appears.
When an Error Message Appears
When copying documents with text or images that extend to the edges of the page
The edges of the document might not be copied. For more information about the scan margins, see Scan Area.
If you always want to make copies with the same settings: