Selecting Wired LAN or Wireless LAN

After you decide on wired or wireless LAN to connect the machine to the computer, select wired LAN or wireless LAN using the operation panel. For how to connect to and specify settings for a wireless LAN/wired LAN, see "Getting Started" (Manuals Included with the Machine). Note that if you change the setting from <Wired LAN> to <Wireless LAN> or vice versa, you will need to uninstall MF Drivers installed on your computer and then reinstall them.
Tap <Menu> in the Home Screen.
Tap <Network Settings>.
If a screen for entering a System Manager ID and PIN is displayed, enter the System Manager ID and PIN, tap <Apply>, and press . Setting the System Manager ID
Tap <Select Wired/Wireless LAN>.
Tap <Wired LAN> or <Wireless LAN>.