Configuring Ethernet Settings

Ethernet is a standard for communicating data in a local area network (LAN). You can set the communication mode (half-duplex/full-duplex) and the Ethernet type (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX). In general, the machine can be used without changing the defaults (Ethernet Driver Settings), but you can change these settings to suit your network environment.
Tap <Menu> in the Home Screen.
Tap <Network Settings>.
If a screen for entering a System Manager ID and PIN is displayed, enter the System Manager ID and PIN, tap <Apply>, and press . Setting the System Manager ID
Select <Ethernet Driver Settings> <Auto Detect>.
Select whether to configure Ethernet settings automatically or manually.
Configuring Ethernet settings automatically
Tap <On>. The machine detects and automatically sets the communication mode and the Ethernet type that can be used.
Configuring Ethernet settings manually
Tap <Off>.
Select the communication mode.
Tap <Communication Mode>  tap <Half Duplex> or <Full Duplex>.
 <Half Duplex>
Alternately sends and receives communication data. Select when the machine is connected to a networking device using half duplex.
 <Full Duplex>
Simultaneously sends and receives communication data. Use this setting for most environments.
Select the Ethernet type.
Tap <Ethernet Type>  tap <10BASE-T> or <100BASE-TX>.
Tap <Apply>.