Printing from a Computer

You can print a document made with an application on your computer by using the printer driver. There are useful settings on the printer driver, such as enlarging/reducing and 2-sided printing, that enable you to print your documents in various ways. Before you can use this function, you need to complete some procedures, such as installing the printer driver on your computer. For more information, see MF Driver Installation Guide.
About the Printer Driver Help
Clicking [Help] on the printer driver screen displays the Help screen. On this screen, you can see the detailed descriptions that are not in the e-Manual.
If you are a Mac OS user, see Canon UFR II/UFRII LT Printer Driver Guide for installing the printer drivers and Printer Driver's Help for using print functions (For Mac OS Users).
Depending on the operating system and the type or version of the printer driver you are using, the printer driver screens in this manual may differ from your screens.