Do not dispose of used toner cartridges in open flames. Also, do not store toner cartridges or paper in a location exposed to open flames. This may cause the toner to ignite, and result in burns or fire.
If you accidentally spill or scatter toner, carefully wipe up the loose toner with a damp, soft cloth and avoid inhaling any toner dust. Do not use a vacuum cleaner that is not equipped with safety measures to prevent dust explosions to clean up loose toner. Doing so may cause damage to the vacuum cleaner or result in a dust explosion due to static discharge.
Use caution not to inhale any toner. If you should inhale toner, consult a physician immediately.
Use caution so that toner does not get into your eyes or mouth. If toner should get into your eyes or mouth, immediately wash with cold water and consult a physician.
Use caution so that toner does not come into contact with your skin. If it should, wash with soap and cold water. If there is any irritation on your skin, consult a physician immediately.
Keep the toner cartridges and other consumables out of the reach of small children. If toner is ingested, consult a physician or poison control center immediately.
Do not disassemble or modify the toner cartridge. Doing so may cause the toner to scatter.
Remove the sealing tape of the toner cartridge completely without using excessive force. Doing otherwise may cause the toner to scatter.
Handling the toner cartridge
Do not remove the toner cartridge from this machine or from the protective bag unnecessarily.
Storing the toner cartridge
Store toner cartridges in a cool location, away from direct sunlight. (The recommended storage conditions are temperatures below 86°F/30°C and humidity below 80%.)
Store without opening until the toner cartridge is to be used.
When storing the toner cartridge, do not store it upright.
Do not store the toner cartridge in the following locations
Locations exposed to open flames
Locations exposed to direct sunlight or bright light for five minutes or more
Locations exposed to excessive salty air
Locations where there are corrosive gases (i.e. aerosol sprays and ammonia)
Locations subject to high temperature and high humidity
Locations subject to dramatic changes in temperature and humidity where condensation may easily occur
Locations with a large amount of dust
Locations within the reach of children
Be careful of counterfeit toner cartridges
Please be aware that there are counterfeit Canon toner cartridges in the marketplace. Use of counterfeit toner cartridge may result in poor print quality or machine performance. Canon is not responsible for any malfunction, accident or damage caused by the use of counterfeit toner cartridge.
For more information, see
Availability period of repairing parts and toner cartridges
The repairing parts and toner cartridges for the machine will be available for at least seven (7) years after production of this machine model has been discontinued.
Toner cartridge packing materials
The packing materials may be changed in form or placement, or may be added or removed without notice.
Dispose of the removed sealing tape according to local regulations.
Confirm that the code on the front cover of the machine and the one on the package of the genuine toner are the same.
If a message prompting you to replace the toner cartridge appears on the display, replace the used toner cartridge with a new one.
Use only toner cartridges intended for use with this machine.
For optimum print quality, using Canon genuine toner is recommended.
Genuine Toner Cartridge
Purchase toner cartridges at your local authorized Canon dealer. Follow the precautions when handling and storing toner cartridges.
Product Name
imageRUNNER 2204N
Supported Canon Genuine Toner
GPR-47 Black Toner
Genuine Supplies
Canon has developed and manufactured Toner, Cartridge, and Parts specifically for use in this machine.
For optimal print quality and for optimal machine performance and productivity, we recommend that you use Genuine Canon Toner, Cartridge, and Parts. Contact your Canon Authorized Dealer or Service Provider for Genuine Canon Supplies.