Control Panel

[Home] key

Press to display the <Home> screen. Customizing the <Home> Screen


You can view the progress of copy and other jobs and error statuses. The display is a touch panel, allowing you to operate the screen by touch to specify settings. Display  Using the Display

[Paper Settings] key

Press to select a paper source, such as a paper drawer or multi-purpose tray, and register paper size and type.

[Status Monitor] key

Press to check the status of printing, to view the usage history, or to view the network settings such as the IP address of the machine. You can also check the status of the machine, such as the remaining amounts of paper and toner, or whether any errors occurred. Display

[Reset] key

Press to reset the settings.

[ID Card Copy] key

Press to copy a card-size original, such as an ID card and driver's license. Copying Both Sides of an ID Card onto One Page

[Back] key

Press to return to the previous screen. If you press this key when specifying settings, for example, the settings are not applied and the display returns to the previous screen.

[*] key

Press to switch the type of text that is entered.
Press to use tone dialing such as when receiving fax information services. Receiving Fax Information Services

Numeric keys ([0]-[9] keys)

Press to enter numbers and text. Entering Text

[#] key

Press to enter symbols such as "@" or "/".

[Energy Saver] key

Press to put the machine into sleep mode. The key lights up green when the machine is in sleep mode. Press the key again to exit sleep mode. Entering Sleep Mode

[Counter Check] key

Press to display the total number of pages used for operations such as copying or printing on the touch panel display. You can also check the serial number of the machine (three letters and five numbers).

[Stop] key

Press to cancel copying, faxing, and other operations.

[Start] key

Press to scan or copy documents.

[Clear] key

Press to delete the entered numbers and texts.

[Error] indicator

Blinks or lights up when an error such as a paper jam occurs.

Wi-Fi indicator

Lights up when the machine is connected to wireless LAN.

[Processing/Data] indicator

Blinks while operations such as sending or printing are being performed. Lights up when there are documents waiting to be processed.

[Log In/Out] key

Press to log in/out when Department ID Management has been set.