Communication Management Report

You can check the fax logs of sent and received documents by printing a Communication Management Report. The report can be printed automatically after every 40 transmissions, or you can print it manually.
You cannot select <Communication Management Report> if <Off> is set for <Display Job Log> in <System Management Settings>.
<Menu>  <Output Rprt.> <Report Settings>  <Communication Management Report> Select the print setting

<Auto Print (40 Transmissions)>

Tap <On> to print the report automatically after every 40 transmissions, or <Off> if you do not want to print the report automatically.

<Separate TX/RX>

Tap <On> to print sent and received reports separately, or <Off> to print both reports on one sheet.
Print the Report Manually
<Menu>  <Output Rprt.>  <Print List>  <Communication Management Report> Check that the size and type of paper displayed on the screen is loaded in the machine  <OK>  <Yes>


"OK" indicates that the transmission was completed successfully while "NG" and three digits (an error code) indicates that the transmission failed (When an Error Code Appears).