Making the Best Use of the Machine by Utilizing Applications

You can use an appropriate application that enables you to perform printing, scanning, or other operation by operating the machine from your mobile device. The machine supports a dedicated application from Canon and various other applications. You can select the most appropriate application to your mobile device, the purpose, the situation, and so on.

Printing/Scanning through Canon Mobile Application or a Plug-In

You can perform printing from a mobile device, or scan documents set in the machine and send the scanned data to a mobile device. For compatible operating systems, the detailed setting procedure and operating procedure, please see the Canon website at:

Using Google Cloud Print

You can print from an application or service that supports Google Cloud Print. You can print by remotely operating the machine at any time and from anywhere, for example even while you are on the go. Using Google Cloud Print

Printing with Mopria™

This machine also supports Mopria™. Using Mopria™ allows you to print with printers of different models from different manufacturers by using common operations and common settings. For example, assume that Mopria™ compatible printers of different models from different manufacturers are installed in your office, at your place, or at places you are visiting. You can then print with any of those printers by using Mopria™ without the need to install the respective dedicated applications on them. For details about the models supporting Mopria™ and the system requirements, see