Saving Toner

You can set the printer driver to print documents using less toner.
When the toner save setting is enabled, fine lines and portions with lighter print density may become blurred.
[Quality] tab Select the document type in [Objective] Click [Advanced Settings] Select [Toner Save] in the [Advanced Settings] screen Select [On] from the drop-down list [OK] [OK]

[Objective] Selecting Document Type

Select the document type for which you want to enable the toner save setting.

[Advanced Settings]

A screen with settings is displayed. Click [Toner Save] and select [On] from the drop-down list on the bottom of the screen.
You can specify whether to enable the toner save setting for each document type. Specify the toner save setting for each document type listed in [Objective].
In the [Advanced Settings] screen, you can specify various print settings other than toner save settings. For more information, click [Help] on the printer driver screen.