Maintenance and Inspections

Clean this machine periodically. If dust accumulates, the machine may not operate properly. When cleaning, be sure to observe the following. If a problem occurs during operation, see Troubleshooting. If the problem cannot be resolved or you feel the machine requires an inspection, see When a Problem Cannot Be Solved.
Before cleaning, turn OFF the power and unplug the power plug from the AC power outlet. Failure to do so may result in a fire or electrical shock.
Unplug the power plug periodically and clean with a dry cloth to remove dust and grime. Accumulated dust may absorb humidity in the air and may result in a fire if it comes into contact with electricity.
Use a damp, well wrung-out cloth to clean the machine. Dampen cleaning cloths with water only. Do not use alcohol, benzenes, paint thinners, or other flammable substances. Do not use tissue paper or paper towels. If these substances come into contact with electrical parts inside the machine, they may generate static electricity or result in a fire or electrical shock.
Check the power cord and plug periodically for damage. Check the machine for rust, dents, scratches, cracks, or excessive heat generation. Use of poorly-maintained equipment may result in a fire or electrical shock.
The inside of the machine has high-temperature and high-voltage components. Touching these components may result in burns. Do not touch any part of the machine that is not indicated in the manual.
When loading paper or removing jammed documents or paper, be careful not to cut your hands with the edges of the paper.
When removing jammed paper or replacing toner cartridges, be careful not to get any toner on your hands or clothing. If toner gets on your hands or clothing, wash them immediately with cold water.