Configuring Printer Settings on the Machine

When you print a document from a computer, you can specify many print settings, such as the number of copies or color mode, in the application you used to make the document or on the printer driver. However, the <Paper Size Override> setting described below can only be specified on the machine.

<Paper Size Override>

Select whether to switch between printing on A4 and Letter size paper if one of these paper sizes is loaded but the other is not. For example, if you are printing a Letter size document but only A4 paper is loaded in the machine, the machine will print your document on A4 paper.
<Menu>  <Printer Settings>  <Paper Size Override>  Select <Off> or <On>


Does not perform paper size substitution. Printing stops and an error message is displayed when the machine runs out of the paper that has been specified.


Performs paper size substitution. However, if no paper to substitute is loaded in any paper sources, the substitution cannot be performed.