Improving Efficiency

Here are some simple operations that can make complicated tasks more efficient.
Address Book
Frequently Used Settings in One Touch
Entering fax and e-mail addresses in the Address Book saves you the inconvenience of entering them number-by-number, letter-by-letter every time you have something to send. Display the addresses you use most frequently with the <Favorites> feature to quickly and easily send what you need to the people who need it. You can save your Address Book data on your computer and feel secure knowing that your important contact information is backed up.
Always making 2-sided copies. Always scanning in the same format and to the same save destination. Frequently used settings like these can be registered to a single shortcut button. This is convenient by allowing you to specify involved operations all in a single touch.
Print Images Right Off Your USB Memory Device
Remote Management with Remote UI
Plug a USB memory device into the machine and you can print images and documents directly, without using a computer. You can even preview JPEG and other images before you print, so there is no wasted paper. You can also scan handwritten memos, etc. and save them directly to a USB memory device. Convenient for carrying about. 
Remote UI lets you manage a lot from your computer, all without having to go over to the machine. Configure settings and keep an eye on the machine's status with an intuitive, easy-to-understand Web browser interface that you'll master immediately. Save your time and energy for things other than taking care of the machine.
Make Print Settings Quickly with Intuitive Operation
You can easily specify the page layout as well as binding position, switching between 1-sided and 2-sided printing, etc. intuitively on the preview image in the printer driver. The simple click-operation allows you to conveniently make settings while viewing how settings are applied.