Registering Destinations in the Address Book

This section describes how to register destinations from the operation panel. You can also use the Remote UI to register destinations. Registering Destinations from Remote UI
Select <Address Book> in the Home screen. Home Screen
Select <Register Dest.>
If a screen appears prompting you to enter a PIN, enter the PIN for the Address Book and select <Apply>. Restricting Use of the Address Book
Select the type of address to register.
Registering destinations with the LDAP server
If your office has an LDAP server installed, you can make search to find user information on the server and register it in the Address Book.
To make registration from the LDAP server, you need to specify the settings for connecting to the LDAP server beforehand. Registering LDAP Servers
Registering destinations from recall settings
If recall settings are provided, you can select <Recall Settings> and register the destinations.
Select <Name>.
Registering <Name> is optional. If you register <Name>, the destination can be searched alphabetically.
Enter the name, and select <Apply>.
On how to enter text, see Entering Text.
Select <Fax Number>, <E-Mail Address>, or <I-Fax Address>.
Enter the destination, and select <Apply>.
Making detailed settings (only when registered for fax)
Select <Register As>.
Select <Favorites> or <Coded Dial>.
If you select <Coded Dial>, select the destination number, or select <Use Numeric Keys> and enter the destination number.
Select <Apply>.
You can make a group of destinations already registered in the Address Book and register it as one destination. For more information, see Registering Multiple Destinations as a Group.
When you want to change or delete items of information about destinations registered in the Address Book, see Editing the Registered Destinations in the Address Book.