All the settings related to the copy are listed with descriptions. Default settings are marked with a dagger ().
Asterisks (*)
Settings marked with an asterisk (*) may not be displayed depending on the model you are using, options, or other setting items.

<Change Default Settings (Copy)>

You can change the default settings about copy. The selected settings are used as the default settings of the copy function. Changing the Default Settings for Functions
<Number of Copies>
1 to 999
<Paper Source>
<Multi-Purpose Tray>
<Drawer 1>
<Drawer 2>*
<Auto Select Paper (LTR/LGL)>
Nine Levels
<Adjust Background Density>
<Adjust (Manual)>
Nine Levels
<Density by Color>
    <Red>: Nine Levels
    <Green>: Nine Levels
    <Blue>: Nine Levels
<Copy Ratio>
Custom Ratio
<100% Direct>
<400% Max>
<129% STMT->LTR>
<78% LGL->LTR>
<64% LTR->STMT>
<25% Min>
<2-Sided Printing>
<Orig./Fin. Type>
<N on 1>
<2 on 1>
<4 on 1>
<Original Type>
<Text/Photo/Map (Speed)>
<Text/Photo/Map (Quality)>
<Printed Image>
<Erase Frame>
Seven Levels
<Color Balance>
17 Levels
<Fine Adjust>
<High>: 17 Levels
<Medium>: 17 Levels
<Low>: 17 Levels