Specifying E-Mail Settings

When attaching a scanned originals to an e-mail, you can specify the subject, message, reply-to address, and priority for the e-mail before sending it.
Place the original(s). Placing Originals
Select <Scan> in the Home screen. Home Screen
If the login screen appears, specify the user name, the password, and the authentication server. Logging in to Authorized Send.
Select <E-Mail> in the Scan Basic Features screen. Scan Basic Features Screen
Specify the destination, and configure the scan settings as necessary. Basic Operations for Scanning Originals
Specify the subject, message, reply-to address, and priority for the e-mail.
To specify subject/message
To specify reply-to address
Specify the reply-to address when you want to notify the recipient of an e-mail address different from that of the machine as the reply-to address. Select the target reply-to address from the destinations registered in the Address Book, and specify it. If the destination has not been registered in the Address Book, see Registering Destinations.
To specify priority
Select <Start>.
If the <Confirm Destination> screen is displayed, check whether the destination is correct, and then select <Start Scanning>.
Scanning of the original starts.
If you want to cancel, select <Cancel>  <Yes>. Canceling Sending Documents
When placing originals in the feeder in step 1
When scanning is complete, the e-mails are sent.
When placing originals on the platen glass in step 1
If the <SMTP Authentication> screen appears
Enter the user name and password, and select <Apply>.
If you always want to scan with the same settings: Changing the Default Settings for Functions
If you want to register a combination of settings to use when needed: Registering Frequently Used Settings
If you want to specify the e-mail sender name: <Register Unit Name>