Going Digital

Digitalizing a document enables editing using a computer as well as reducing cost and time by using e-mail.
Scan and E-Mail
Scan and Share
E-mail scanned originals without even turning on your computer. Just convert your scanned original into an e-mail attachment right from the machine. If you're one of those people who'd rather send a fax than mess around with a computer, this feature is for you.
Say you've got a paper copy of a report for a company-wide meeting. Scan it, convert it, and now everyone can see it. It's saved directly in a shared folder on your network, so there's no need to print out copies and pass them out. Once you start talking about hundreds of pages of documents that everyone needs, there's just no other way to go.
Scan Only What You Need
Searchable PDFs
What if you're scanning a whole page of a newspaper but all you're really interested in is a headline and a photo? Use ScanGear MF. You can select what you want from a preview, and then have the scanner disregard the rest. Otherwise you'll have to use an editing program to crop out everything you don't need.
Using your product to scan, print or otherwise reproduce certain documents, and the use of such images as scanned, printed or otherwise reproduced by your product, may be prohibited by law and may result in criminal and/or civil liability. If you are uncertain about the legality of using your product to scan, print or otherwise reproduce any particular document, and/or of the use of the images scanned, printed or otherwise reproduced, you should consult in advance with your legal advisor for guidance.
Searching of text in a PDF can be done with a "searchable PDF." By scanning an original with both text and images, text portions are converted by OCR into text data. In addition to being able to search for text information, you can also copy required portions into an Excel spreadsheet or Word document in Microsoft Office. Eliminate the need to type in customer data, addresses, etc. from scratch.
Add Images to a Work in Progress
Some applications work with the machine to let you easily import scanned images directly into documents you're working on. This way you can skip the steps of opening a separate application just for receiving the scanned images and then exporting them to the application you're really using.