Relocating the Machine

The machine is heavy. Make sure to follow the procedure below when moving the machine to avoid injury.
Turn OFF the machine and computer.
When you turn OFF the machine, data that is waiting to be printed is deleted. Fax documents that were received by using the Memory Reception function, faxes that are waiting to be sent, and reports that are automatically printed after sending and receiving faxes are not deleted.
Disconnect the cables and cord from the machine in numerical order as in the illustration below.
Whether the cables with "*" are connected depends on your environment.
If an optional handset is mounted on the machine, remove the handset from its mounting.
 Power plug
 Power cord
 USB keyboard*
 USB cable*
 LAN cable*
 External telephone*
 Telephone cable*
When transporting the machine across a long distance, remove the toner cartridges. Procedure for Replacing the Toner Cartridge
Pull out the paper drawer.
MF735Cx / MF734Cdw / MF732Cdw
MF635Cx / MF633Cdw / MF631Cn
Make sure to hold the paper drawer with both hands, and pull it out gently. Otherwise, you may damage the paper drawer by dropping it, if it slides out too easily.
Close all the open covers and multi-purpose tray, and move the machine to a new location.
The machine is heavy (Main Unit). If you are using MF735Cx / MF734Cdw / MF732Cdw, make sure to move the machine with two or more people.
Hold the lift handles, and lift up the machine. If you have attached the optional cassette feeding module, leave the optional paper feeder on the floor and move it after moving the main unit of the machine.
MF735Cx / MF734Cdw / MF732Cdw
MF635Cx / MF633Cdw / MF631Cn
Carefully place the machine at the new installation site.
For information about how to install the machine after relocating it, see "Getting Started." Manuals and Their Contents