Deciding Which Fax Receive Mode to Use

Before configuring the fax settings, determine which receive mode best suits your intended use.
Intended use
Receive mode
Use fax only/Never use telephone
This setting is for when you want to use the machine exclusively for receiving faxes, and you do not want to use the telephone or optional handset.
Mostly use telephone/Almost never use fax
Connect your telephone or handset to the machine. This setting is for when you mostly want to use the telephone. You can receive incoming faxes manually.
Use both fax and telephone
Use answering machine
<Answering Machine>
Connect your answering machine. Callers can record a message if they call while you are away from the telephone. The machine automatically receives incoming faxes.
Use standard telephone or handset
<Fax/Tel (Auto Switch)>
Connect your telephone or handset. The machine automatically receives incoming faxes, and the telephone rings for incoming calls.
Depending on the type of telephone connected to it, the machine may not be able to send or receive faxes properly.
You may be able to manually set receive modes other than those described above, depending on your country or region.
Receiving Faxes
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