When a Problem Cannot Be Solved

If you cannot solve a problem by referring to the information in this chapter, contact your local authorized Canon dealer or the Canon help line.
Do not disassemble or repair the machine yourself
If you disassemble or repair the machine yourself, it may not be covered by warranty.

When Contacting Canon

When contacting us, have the following information ready:
Product name (MF735Cx / MF734Cdw / MF732Cdw / MF635Cx / MF633Cdw / MF631Cn)
Dealer where you purchased the machine
Details about your problem (such as what you did and what happened as a result)
Serial number (found on the label on the back side of the machine)
MF735Cx / MF734Cdw / MF732Cdw
MF635Cx / MF633Cdw / MF631Cn
Checking the serial number from the operation panel
Select <Status Monitor> <Device Information> <Serial Number>.