Setting Up a Computer for Printing

After you have completed the protocol settings for printing with the machine, you are ready to set up each of the computers for printing.

Connecting to a TCP/IP Network

All computers that use the printer must have TCP/IP client software installed and must be enabled for TCP/IP network use. For details, see the manuals provided with your operating system.

Installing the Driver and Specifying the Port Setting

To print from a computer, you must install a driver and specify a port setting. The port setting differs, depending on the print application used for printing. Use the following information as a guide to determine the print application you are using, and then perform the necessary operations.
This is the print application generally used with TCP/IP. (See "Printer Connection Method (LPD/Raw).")
This is a print application used with Windows. It can send a job to the machine at higher speeds than LPD. (See "Printer Connection Method (LPD/Raw).")
This is a print application that can be used with TCP/IP.
IPP enables you to use the HTTP protocol to send data to a machine on an intranet/the internet.
IPPS is a print application which performs encrypted TLS communication when using IPP. (See "Printer Connection Method (IPP/IPPS).")
This is a print application that prints files by copying them to the printer using FTP client software. (See "Printer Connection Method (FTP).")
This is a print application that can be used with Windows Vista/Server 2008/7/Server 2008 R2. (See "Printer Connection Method (WSD).")
This is a print application that can be used with an SMB/CIFS network. (See "Protocol Settings,""Printer Connection Method.")

Optional equipment is required to print from a computer. For information on the optional products required, see "Optional Equipment and System Requirements."
If the IP address of the computer in which the driver is installed has not already been given transmission and reception permission in [Firewall Settings] on the Network screen of the machine, print jobs cannot be sent from the computer. (See steps 13 to 14 in "TCP/IPv4 Settings," or steps 9 to 10 in "TCP/IPv6 Settings.")
If you print with IPP, the [Pause Printing] and [Cancel All Documents] settings on the [Printers]/[Printer] menu in the Windows print queue cannot be used. You can display the print queue by double-clicking the icon for the machine that appears by following the procedure below.
Windows Server 2003: From the [Start] menu, select [Printers and Faxes].
Windows Vista: From the [Start] menu, select [Control Panel] → double-click [Printers].
Windows Server 2008: From the [Start] menu, select [Control Panel] → double-click [Printer].
Windows 7/Server 2008 R2: From the [Start] menu, select [Control Panel] → [Hardware and Sound] → [Devices and Printers].
Windows 8/Server 2012: Place the cursor on the top right (bottom right) of the desktop → select [Settings] → [Control Panel] → [Hardware and Sound]/[Hardware] → [Devices and Printers].
Windows 10: Place the cursor on the bottom left of the desktop and right-click, [Control Panel] → [Devices and printers].