Print After Completing RIP

[On], [Off]*

This setting sets whether to use the Print After Completing RIP mode.
RIP (Raster Image Processor) is used for advanced graphical representation.
If Print After Completing RIP is enabled, the first page is printed after all the pages in the job have been processed.
Although it may take longer to print the first page, the remaining pages in the job will be printed more quickly. This is useful when several people are using the machine or when using another function, such as the Copy function, because the printing time for a print job is reduced.

A large print job may be automatically canceled by the machine. The maximum number of pages that can be printed at one time is approximately 6,000 pages. However, this number may be fewer than 6,000 if other functions (such as registering a form) are in use, or other jobs are being processed.