If Trouble Occurs When Downloading Fonts or Macros from a Personal Computer

If trouble occurs when fonts or macros are downloaded from a personal computer to this machine and the problem cannot be resolved by reinstalling, follow the steps explained in this section to initialize the hard disk partition.
Only Administrator can initialize the hard disk. Contact the Administrator to execute this procedure.
The font or macros information downloaded to the hard disk is deleted by initializing the hard disk.
Do not turn OFF the power when the hard disk is initializing. Doing so may damage the machine.
The hard disk cannot be initialized in the following conditions:
When print data is being received or printed. (It is recommended that you remove the cable connecting the machine to the hub, so it does not receive print data.)
When fonts are being installed or uninstalled.
The steps explained below are for initializing the PCL Hard Disk partition.
To initialize the PS Hard Disk partition, follow the same steps, except that for step 4, select [Initialize PS Hard Disk].

Press .
Press [Function Settings] → [Printer] → [Printer Settings].
To move up one level, press [Up].
Press [Utility].
Press [Initialize PCL Hard Disk].
A confirmation message appears.
Press [Yes].
If you do not wish to initialize the hard disk, press [No].
During initialization, the Processing/Data indicator blinks green.
When the initialization of the hard disk is completed, the Processing/Data indicator goes out.
The duration of the hard disk initialization process depends on the number of fonts and macros on the hard disk.
Do not turn OFF the power until the Processing/Data indicator goes out. Doing so may damage the machine.
If the following screen appears after pressing [Yes], the hard disk has not been initialized. Check whether print data is received and retry.