Scanning Different Sized Originals Together

You can load originals of different sizes together in the feeder and scan them in one operation.
Switch the scanner online → load the originals into the feeder → start Color Network ScanGear 2 from the application.
For details, see "Scanning from an Application."
Select [Different Size Originals] from [Original Size].
Select the appropriate combination of original sizes → click [OK].
For sizes such as A3 and A4, where the longer side of the smaller original is the same size as the shorter side of the larger original, select [Same Width].
For combinations of sizes such as A3 and B4 with no sides of the same length in common, select [Different Width].

If a non-standard size original is included, you cannot use [Different Size Originals].
When scanning a non-standard size original, select [Free Size] from [Original Size].
You can only simultaneously scan originals whose width or length are the same.
The window displayed may vary according to the operating system etc.