Common Functions

The following functions are common to the [Basic Settings], [Page Setup], [Finishing], [Paper Source], and [Quality] tabs.
1. Profiles
You can select a profile to conveniently repeat the same print settings (see "Selecting a Profile for Printing").
2. Adding/Editing Profiles
You can add and edit profile settings.
3. Changing the Output Method
Enables you to change output methods. For example, you can combine multiple sets of print data and configure print settings for the combined data (see "Combining and Printing Multiple Files").
4. Preview
The settings configured in each sheet are displayed in the preview.
5. Verifying Settings
You can verify the settings specified in each sheet.

For instructions on how to display the printer driver screen, see "Printing" or "Configuring the Default Print Settings."
The items displayed in the printer driver screen and available functions differ according to the printer model you are using.