Setting Up a Computer for Printing

After you have completed specifying the NetWare print service settings and printer protocol settings, you are ready to set up each of the computers for printing.

Connecting to a NetWare Network

In order to use a NetWare network, all computers that will perform printing need to have NetWare client software installed. For details, see your NetWare and operating system manuals.

Printer Connection Method

Install the driver according to the following procedures indicated in the manual for the driver.
If you want to use the UFR II/PCL/PS printer driver:
See the procedure for standard installation in the Printer Driver Installation Guide.
When the dialog box for selecting the port appears during installation, select [Network]. From the list, select the print queue that you created in "NetWare Print Service Settings."

Depending on the machine you are using, optional equipment is required for printing from a computer. For information on the optional products required, see "Optional Equipment and System Requirements."