PDL Selection (Plug and Play)

From the machine, you can specify functions suitable for the printer kit available for use in the machine.
From your computer, you can detect and install drivers that are compatible with the specified functions.
To use the PDL Selection (PnP) function, the imagePRESS Printer Kit may be required.
If the desired driver is not in your computer, detection and installation cannot be performed.

Press .
Press [Function Settings] → [Printer] → [PDL Selection (Plug and Play)].
Select the button → press [OK].
The appeared function buttons may differ, depending on the optional equipment that is attached.
Changes are only effective after you restart the machine (the main power switch is turned OFF, and then back ON). For instruction on restarting (turning the main power switch OFF and then ON) the machine, see "Voordat u deze machine gaat gebruiken."