Pure Black Text

[On]*, [Off]

This setting affects the printout for black (R=G=B=0% or C=M=Y=100%/Bk=N% or C=M=Y=0%/Bk=100%) text on a page. Under most circumstances it is preferable to leave this option set to [On].


Black colors generated by applications are printed using only 100% black toner. This means that the color toner will not be misaligned since only one toner color (black) is used.


The black text is printed using CMYK toners based on the selected Output Profile setting. For some jobs, it is preferable to turn this option [Off].

The function is not available if 'Resolution' is set to [1200 dpi].
Depending on the data to be printed, 'Toner Save' may not be applied even if [On] is selected.
If [On] is selected for 'Toner Save', very light or finely detailed images may not be printed clearly.