Import/Export Function

The Remote UI enables you to save (export) the Address Book and other settings such as forwarding settings that are registered in the machine or other Canon machines as a file that can be loaded (imported) into the machine when needed.
This function is useful when you want to back up settings on the machine or restore the settings that you back up. (It is recommended that you regularly back up important data.)
Furthermore, you can apply the settings of the model you are using to other machines , regardless of the model.
The following two types of import/export operation are available:
Import/Export All
You can save/load multiple items as one item.
Import/Export Individually
You can save/load individually certain items.

Make sure that the only administrator operates import and export functions.
Setting information is overwritten when operating the import function. Please note that the machine may malfunction or problem may occur as the result of overwritten data. The followings are examples:
For more information on the conditions of the Import All function, see "Available Settings Information Table with the Import All Function." Reconfiguration is required for some settings information.
If you import the Department ID Management settings, system manager information settings such as IDs and passwords are overwritten. If you are using the SSO-H and [Department ID Management] is set to 'On', you may not be able to log in to the machine.
If the system settings of the exporting machine are different from those for importing, you may not be able to connect the machine to a network.
When operating the import function, original address books and address lists are overwritten.
Settings which are related to each other, such as forwarding settings and address lists, should be imported together, or reconfiguration is required. The machine may malfunction if those settings conflict each other.
If [Time Until File Auto Delete] in [Mail Box Settings] (Settings/Registration) is specified, files are deleted at the specified time.
If [Handle Files with Forwarding Errors] (Settings/Registration) is set to 'Off', jobs with forwarding errors are deleted.
The Import/Export operation may take some time to complete. Do not turn the machine's main power OFF until the operation is complete. Otherwise, the machine may malfunction.
During an Export operation, the screen display does not change until the operation is complete. Do not click [Start Exporting] while the hourglass or pointer indicates that the operation is still being processed.
The machine's control panel cannot be used while files are being imported/exported.