What You Can Do with Application Library

Application Library is a facility that makes it possible that frequently used operations such as printing a usual document and checking the consumables information as well as convenient functions are registered in the form of applications. You can execute these applications in one-touch button operation from the Home screen. Make the best use of Application Library for time reduction and operational accuracy enhancement.
Available Applications
The available applications are listed below. These applications are preinstalled on the machine. Note that certain applications are not available depending on the machine model.
"Print Template"
"Standby Slide"
"Fax and Store"
"Name and Scan"
"Copy (Enhance Text)"
"Cloud Apps"
"Application Library Guide"
"Scan to Preset Destination"
"ID Card Copy (Simple)"
"Consumables Information"
"Copy (Eco)"
"Copy (BleedReduce)"
Making Settings for Application Library
Settings for Application Library need to be made from the Remote UI. Log in to the Remote UI in System Manager mode, and then in the Portal page, click [Application Library].
Initial settings need to be made depending on the application. When a prompt image appears on the operation panel, make settings from the Remote UI. On how to operate the Remote UI, see the User's Guide for the machine model you are using.