Print Template

You can quickly print an image or document that has been registered beforehand. Registering the template of a frequently used document, for example, allows you to print it quickly and easily whenever needed.

[Register New Button]

Opens the [Register New Button] page. In this page, you can set the paper size, the number of copies to print, and the button name to be displayed on the Home screen, etc.

[Button Name]

Displays a list of registered buttons. Clicking the link of a button name in the [Button Name] list opens the [Button Details] page, which allows you to change or duplicate the settings of the corresponding button.


Displays or hide the button on the Home screen. If you want to delete the button, first hide it and then click [Delete].
Files to print
The file formats that can be registered are only JPEG and PDF.
The maximum total size of files that can be registered is 48 MB.
If you select [Custom] when configuring button settings
Depending on your machine model, you cannot perform size registration in the [Register New Button] page or [Edit Button] page. If so, use the operation panel to register the desired custom size as <S1> in advance.
If you specify [Use Custom Size Registered in Device], use the operation panel to register the desired custom size (<S1> to <S3>) in advance.