Copy (BleedReduce)

When you perform copying, this application allows you to reduce the degree of bleed-through (scanning of text or image printed on the back side). It is useful when you copy on thin paper. You can register multiple buttons covering different numbers of copies to print or different density levels to apply, and select and use the best-suited button for the printing purpose or the type of the original.
This application is only available with machine models provided with copy function.

[Register New Button]

Opens the [Register New Button] page. In this page, you can specify the Adjust Background Density setting, the Erase Frame setting, and the button name to be displayed on the Home screen.

[Button Name]

Displays a list of registered buttons. Clicking the link of a button name in the [Button Name] list opens the [Button Details] page, which allows you to change or duplicate the settings of the corresponding button.


Displays or hide the button on the Home screen. If you want to delete the button, first hide it and then click [Delete].