Setting the WebDAV Port

You can set the WebDAV port number used when scanning with an imageRUNNER ADVANCE device.
The default setting is "8080".


1.Tap [] in the upper right corner of the Canon PRINT Business home screen → [App Settings].
2.Tap [WebDAV Port].
3.Enter a port number in the displayed dialog box → tap [OK].


The set number is displayed in the [App Settings] screen > [WebDAV Port].
Do not set the port number already used by the mobile terminal you are using.
If you scan using the [Scan and Send] function of the imageRUNNER ADVANCE series, specify a host name in [Host Name] on the control panel of the device. Enter the host name in the following format, including the port number, according to the instructions displayed in the [Scan] screen.
<Entry Sample>
If the IP address is "" and the new port number is "8008":