Using the App to Send Faxes from a Device

With this app, you can send faxes from a device and change the fax settings.
A button for sending a fax with the default settings is registered by default, but you can also register customized settings.
By registering frequently used settings and destinations in buttons, you can execute the registered operations simply by tapping a button.


The device to use allows jobs to be performed from mobile terminals
Follow the procedure below to enable the setting from the control panel of the device.
Display [Management Settings] > [License/Other] from (Settings/Registration) → set [Allow Jobs to Be Performed from Mobile Device] to [On].
[Log in as Guest user] is disabled in [App Settings] > [User Information]
If the user authentication of the device is enabled and [Display When Function Is Selected] is set in [Login Screen Display Settings], display either of the following screens before performing the operation.
Main Menu/Home
Mobile Portal
If the software keyboard is displayed on the keyboard authentication screen, close the software keyboard before performing the operation.


1.Tap [] on the top left corner of the Canon PRINT Business home screen.
[Select Printer] screen is displayed.
2.Select the device you are using.
3.Tap [Other Functions] in the home screen of Canon PRINT Business.
4.Tap [Fax].
When sending a fax with the default settings
5.In [Fax] screen, tap [Fax].
6.Enter the destination address.
You can tap [+] to open the address book of the mobile terminal and specify a destination.
The default fax settings are specified, but you can tap a setting to change it.
7.Place the originals on the device, and tap [Start].
The job may be canceled if you place the originals after tapping [Start].
8.Confirm the destination on the displayed screen, and tap [OK].
If the [Enter PIN Code] screen is displayed, enter the four digit PIN code displayed on the device screen.
You can enable [App Settings] > [Confirm Entered Fax Number] to display a field for confirming the entered fax number when manually entering a destination.
The app may not be able to access destinations, depending on the address book app. In this case, use another address book app.
When registering a new button
5.In [Fax] screen, tap [Add Button].
6.Specify the settings to register to the button, the destination fax number, and button name, and tap [Store].


The fax is sent to the specified destination.
If you registered a new button, it is added to the [Fax] screen.
To change the settings of a registered button, tap the [] on the right of the button.
To sort the buttons or delete a button, tap the Edit icon on the top right of the screen.
If the message "The job has been canceled because the printer was being used, or a timeout occurred." is displayed, log in to the device before performing the operation or change the visual message settings of the device.
If the message "Could not perform the job because the job settings on the printer are incorrect, or another operation was being processed." is displayed, check the [Fax] settings of the device, and change any settings that conflict with the settings specified in the app.

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